Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Digger Media Censorship Challenge

This is an open letter to all Diggers. The odds are some of you either have friends or family that work in the Mainstream Media. My challenge is for those of you that do. Ask them point blank if they have been instructed to avoid mentioning Ron Paul.

Regardless of if you support him as I do, are you comfortable with the idea that the media could decide who runs the country? I am not saying this is a conspiracy. Frankly I think it would be more likely that they would do so because he is against corporatism and government subsidies.

Regardless of who you support, you should ask yourself if this conduct is happening, isn't it Un-American?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ron Paul and a Sign of the End Times

Get Ready folks the end times must surely be upon us as this evidence clearly indicates:

Pat Buchanan and Rosie BOTH defending Ron Paul?
The Devil called and hell just froze over.

I have hope for the Republic!
Go Paul 2008!!

Complain about Fox (or is it Faux) news distortion of Ron Paul

Fox ran a hit piece completely distorting what Ron Paul said in the debates

Complain to the FCC, this is slanderous.

We need a list of Advertisers for Fox to complain to as well. This is outrageous for a "news" organization.

The show was 5/17/2007 (today) and in a segment called the "big story" with john gibson please fill in a complaint and link to the video.

This must not stand!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ron Paul right according to the CIA

I just found a great link which shows Paul was correct

The relevant bit:

"So it's a policy issue really.

It's a policy issue for the United States. Bin Laden is fighting against us not because of who we are or what we do or that we have elections or women in the workplace -- none of that stuff that the president and Mr. [John] Kerry say, and Mr. Clinton before them. They give those as the reason. They hate us for our freedoms and our liberties. There's nothing further from the truth than that.

Bin Laden has had success because he's focused on a limited number of U.S. foreign policies in the Muslim world, policies that are visible and are experienced by Muslims on a daily basis: our unqualified support for Israel; our ability to keep oil prices at a level that is more or less acceptable to Western consumers.

Probably the most damaging of all is our 30-year support for police states across the Islamic world: the Al Sauds and the Egyptians under [Hosni] Mubarak and his predecessors; the Algerians; the Moroccans; the Kuwaitis. They're all police states. ...

So America is in a fix. As long as the policies remain the same, we only have two options to fight this war: the military option and the intelligence services. That's it.

If our policies stay the same, no one is going to listen to our diplomacy. No one will listen to our propaganda. We are just not heard in the Islamic world. It's not a matter of them not knowing what we're up to. The problem we have is they think they know what we're up, to and that's supporting tyrannies; we're after their oil; we're supporting the Israelis over the Palestinians at all times; we're supporting governments that oppress Muslims elsewhere, such as the Chinese, the Indians and the Russians. It's a matter of policy. "

In the end it seems like there were nine men running for Emperor and One running for President. (Kudos to Mccain for deploring torture!)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ron Paul Right and Rudy Wrong

Just watched the debate. Rudy blew a gasket when Ron talked about 9/11. So we are "over there" so they won't come "over here"?

Terrorism does not happen in a vacuum. Think it does? When was the last time Switzerland was attacked??? They are a democracy, wealthy and free just like us, but no terrorism.

Does that excuse 9/11? NO but to PREVENT another we need to look at the cause. There are two roads we can take, we analyze the costs and benefits and then choose.

First we withdraw from the Mid-east
Second we play global policeman

Only an idiot would believe if we choose the second path we can stop terror. We will in fact be creating another generation of terrorists and a self fulfilling prophecy. This road WILL end with a dictatorship in America. With another terror attack or two we will react by curtailing liberty again. Eventually this loss of liberty will result in HOMEGROWN terror attacks as citizens begin to revolt against the authoritarian measures.

What Ron said was unpleasant, but true nevertheless. The only question is can the American people (and the Republican party) handle the truth?

I hope they can!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ron Paul and the National ID

Here is a another video clip of Ron Paul at the Debate

Write A Letter

here is a useful link to papers across the 50 states
Write a letter to the editor and request coverage of Paul.